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Leaps in the Dark and Self-Congratulation

I’ve been ruminating about this old article from the NY Times, which contains a letter from an agnostic couple in Texas who fake being Christians so that their neighbors will still let their children play with the couple’s kids.¬†Of course, I could express outrage at how badly these Christians have misunderstood what Scripture teaches. How these parents, out of some misguided fear that their children could “catch” unbelief or be contaminated by the agnostic-virus, end up living in fear of the world and the irreligious when in fact they and their children should be fearlessly and lovingly engaged with the world, bashing down the gates of hell with the grace and power of the gospel.

However, I want to nudge in a different direction. I think the reason so many Christians are afraid of interaction with agnostics, atheists, Muslims, and the like is that they know, deep down, that if they get too close, their worldview probably would crumble. They’re right. Of course, I don’t think Christianity is in any way threatened by unbelief. But the simplistic pseudo-Christianity which underlies too much of evangelicalism’s moral self-congratulation cannot survive prolonged contact with non-Christians. Continue reading

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