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The Reason I Won’t Be Blogging Much For a While

I’m wading through hundreds of pages of this:

“At the end of the days, Metapolis, eternal city of the Great King, will be revealed, a gift of heaven. From the cocoon within which it exists through the long ages of postlapsarian history, the covenant community will emerge in an apocalyptic metaporphosis-event as the new creation of God. The story of how that historical matrix structure first came into being after the Fall and was preserved through prediluvian times, a story entwined with that of the origin and apostate development of the city of man in the world wilderness, is complactly narrated in Genesis 4:1-6:8.”

“Apocalyptic metamorphosis-event”? “Historical matrix structure”? Using “postlapsarian” and “prediluvian” in adjoining sentences? Gah!

I need a Meredith Kline translator program.

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