Who am I?

Ah, how philosphers have pondered that question…

Never mind. My name is Eric; I’m a seminary grad, husband and father who, after a somewhat-successful foray into the blogging world a few years back, decided he still needed a place on-line to narcissistically gaze at his words emblazoned upon the internet. Or, alternately, found that writing was a good distraction from the worries of life and decided to occasionally post what he wrote for the world (or at least his mother) to see.

Want more? I enjoy music (my tastes get me described as a hipster) and movies (I pretend to like hipster movies too, but secretly crave guns and explosions). I like to read, do amateur magic, and pursue a variety of hobbies which can only be described as geeky. I have a penchant for parens and dashes, put too many spices in my food, and pretend to be a wine and beer snob while secretly buying PBR and Two-Buck Chuck. I love Jesus in a completely non-romantic way, want to be a pastor, and would theologically label myself as a neo-Calvin-ish Covenant-loving Presbyterian, although if you don’t know what I just said, more power to you. (If you’re one of those internet-people who do know what I just said and immediately want to fight with me or call me a heretic, fundamentalist, liberal, modernist or pomo-lover, note the “Yell At Me” link above and then promptly ignore it). If you would like to contact me for other reasons, I’d be happy to hear from you.

4 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Nice to meet you!

    Loved the introduction. 🙂

  2. You, sir, need to do a better job of linking to your blog from your Facebook page!

  3. Christopher Benson

    I visited your website because Jake Meador wrote a blog post with a link to it. What seminary do you attend? May God bless your calling into pastoral ministry.

  4. Nice to meet you. Excellent blog!

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